July 9-11 - Real Meal Recipes

ORDER HERE by Sunday, July 7th at 10pm! 

If your home is like mine, once the outside temps reach 80°F, the only way you cook your dinners is outside on the grill! 

All of next week's menu can be cooked on the grill in less than 30 minutes. Enjoy Wild Caught Pacific Rock Cod with a Homemade Chimichurri Sauce alongside Grilled Green Beans and a Grilled Peach, Wild Arugula and Flashy Butter Lettuce Salad. Don't have a grill (or are down to cook inside because you have A/C)? No problem! We included stovetop recipes, just for you 😉 - Taylor, RHR Director of Operations


One Ocean Seafood - Wild Caught Pacific Rock Cod (2lb)
Tomatero Farm - Parsley Bunch
Christopher Ranch Colossal White Garlic Bulb
Sespe Creek - Lemon
Dwelly Farms - Green Beans
Windrift Farm - Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
Las Palmalitas Ranch - Hass Avocados
Suncatcher Farm - Flashy Butter Lettuce
Salad Farm - Arugula
Burkart Organics - Earlirich Peaches

*Farms and items subject to change based on seasonal availability.