Oat & Seed Oatmilk

Oat & Seed Oatmilk

Oat & Seed Oatmilk

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3 nutrient-rich seeds meet creamy oats to create and our delicious Oat & Seed Oatmilk, the most nourishing oatmilk around. Great in coffee or tea, smoothies, baked goods, or over granola.

Dairy Free | Vegan | Plant Based

  • 4X MORE NUTS & PROTEIN: 4g of pure plant protein per serving. 0 gums, oils, or salt. Clean without compromises

  • CREAM TOP: Shake vigorously! With more nuts and no stabilizers, a layer of cream from the heart-healthy fats may rise to the top. Enjoy pure plant-based milk, as it should be.

  • 100% CLEAN: Our nuts are and always will be certified organic and non-GMO. BPA-free bottles are highly recyclable.

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