Vanilla Bean Almondmilk

Vanilla Bean Almondmilk

Vanilla Bean Almondmilk

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Perfect for your morning smoothie, for baking, or straight out of the bottle, our Unsweetened Vanilla Bean Almond Milk is made with real Madagascar vanilla beans and vanilla extract, not “natural” vanilla flavor. Shake well! Lots of almonds and no stabilizers means that natural separation occurs. Enjoy the bits of cream and rest assured – this is almond milk as it should be!

Dairy Free | Vegan | Plant Based

  • 4X MORE NUTS & PROTEIN: 4g of pure plant protein per serving. 0 gums, oils, or salt. Clean without compromises

  • CREAM TOP: Shake vigorously! With more nuts and no stabilizers, a layer of cream from the heart-healthy fats may rise to the top. Enjoy pure plant-based milk, as it should be.

  • 100% CLEAN: Our nuts are and always will be certified organic and non-GMO. BPA-free bottles are highly recyclable.

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